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Scottish Rites Masonic Temple 

Upstairs Auditorium

The Main Auditorium is Jacksonville’s largest dance floor. The stage is equipped with basic sound and lighting. The room measures 24,320 square feet, not including the stage. The entire auditorium can be arranged for professional presentations,  trade show settings, or celebrations. We also offer 2 service areas for beverages- 1 of those having a direct connection to the main commercial size kitchen. There are also 2 full size air walls that can expand the room an additional 4,209 square feet.


Maximum Capacity: 750

Dining Room 

The Dining Room and Lounge are accented with large bay windows with shades. The room is 61 feet by 69 feet, for a total of 4,209 square feet. This area has a direct connection to the commercial-size kitchen, which is available for a caterer or for you to use personally for your event. The room can be expanded  to the lounge/bar area to add an additional 2,300 square feet.


Maximum Capacity: 300

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